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Door and Hardware

Knell's Door & Hardware believes strongly in the value proposition of the package sale, where one supplier furnishes the complete opening. We leverage long-standing relationships with leading manufacturers to bring together everything you need to complete or renovate your building.

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Industrial Supply

Knell's Industrial serves contractors and maintenance professionals across Southern Ontario. We distribute a wide range of products, including: abrasives, cutting tools, power tools, health and safety equipment, machinery and maintenance supplies.

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smart-vid1smart-vid2The lock you can re-key yourself in seconds.

SmartKey is a technological innovation that provides superior security. It also provides you the flexibility of re-keying your own locks quickly and easily without removing them from your door.


smart-lock-demoDrill Resistance
The lock cylinder uses two steel balls inserted into the front of the key face to resist attack from drilling.

ANSI Grading
SmartKey is available in an ANSI Grade 1 deadbolt - certified the highest level of residential security.

Bump Guard
Patented side locking bar technology offers improved protection against lock bumping, an attack technique used to defeat conventional pin tumbler locks.


Superior Pick-Resistance
SmartKey locks have passed the most stringent lock -picking standard, UL 437, par. 11.6